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Electrify your drive: EV Converted Defender Ready for Adventure

 🚗 Experience the fusion of iconic design with cutting-edge technology in our Electric Defender. Crafted meticulously, this eco-warrior boasts a powerful 150KW motor that catapults you from 0-60 in under 5 seconds. With a generous 160-mile range, you're primed for both city commutes and beach getaways.

🔋 Forget long waits with our 70 KW CCS fast charging system—power up in a breeze and hit the road with zest!

✨ Dive into luxury with a bespoke interior, tailored for the discerning traveler. And with a premium sound system, every journey is a symphony.

🌊 Perfect as a shore tender or beach vehicle, this Electric Defender is not just a ride, but an experience.

🌍 Take a stand for the environment without compromising on style or performance. It's more than just a vehicle—it's a statement.

📞 Contact us today and make a sustainable choice for exhilarating drives!

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