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Relik MD Mark Ardron talking at the London Classic Car Show - London Olympia

Who are we?

There's nothing quite like a classic. The feeling of driving down the road in a beautifully restored vehicle is unmatched. Slim and retro lines, a glossy paint job, and purring engine- it's an experience you can't fully grasp until you've lived it. Equally so, the electric experience is hard to beat. The instant torque, the silent operation, and the lack of emissions make for a truly unique drive. Electric vehicles are more efficient, more environmentally friendly, can be charged at home, and offer a driving experience that's in a class of its own. No longer the preserve of early adopters and tech-savvy types, electric cars are now more popular than ever. 


At Relik EV, we combine these two worlds to create something special, transforming your classic beauty into an eco-friendly dream machine. Bespoke builds and conversions are our specialty, so whether you're starting from scratch or want to convert your old girl to electric, we leverage our wealth of experience and meticulous attention to detail to bring your vision to life.


We take the design excellence of a classic and enhance it with all the benefits that electric propulsion has to offer, often building from the ground up to create your very own masterpiece. The result is a head-turning vehicle that delivers all the performance, cost-efficiencies, and environmental benefits of an electric car with the style and grace of a classic.

Technology has seen us moving on from combustion engines to battery-powered cars. But that doesn't mean you have to leave your classic behind. Battery technology empowers us to build cars that are adaptable, fully functional, and practical for everyday living. But who wants practical when you can enjoy the freedom of the open road in a polished classic?


Electric classics are perfectly suited to those who want the best of both worlds; the style, spirit and incomparable feel of a classic car with the power, performance, and efficiency that come with modern technology. 

Driven By Passion


The team at Relik EV are all enthusiasts at heart with a shared mission of exceeding our customers' expectations by building cars that we're proud to put our name to. Our company is built on a powerful foundation of pure passion, uncompromising ethics, and expertise. 


An engineer for over two decades and qualified EV technician, our founder, Mark Ardron, was an army fitter in the Royal Engineers. Having built show cars for 15 years as a hobby, he has a wealth of experience and knowledge in both the classic car world and the emerging electric vehicle industry. An entrepreneur and creative thinker, Mark had a dream of turning his passion into a business. He finally decided to take the plunge and established Relik EV with a vision of building electric classics that would pioneer a new era of motoring and allow him to immerse himself in doing what he loves full time.

Relik electric Fiat 500 at the beach

Rooted in Experience


Our team of time-served mechanics and fabricators has a wealth of experience in classic car design, build quality, and modifications as well as a deep understanding of electric vehicle components, systems, and integration. We all share a deep appreciation for the classics and a commitment to building the very best. We understand that owning a classic is about more than just the vehicle itself; it's about the history that lives in the build and the memories yet to be created. That's why we treat every car we work on as if it were our own, ensuring that it receives the care, attention, and respect it deserves.


Going beyond full restorations and bespoke builds, we offer the latest electric solutions for those who want to upgrade their current classic to a greener, more reliable Classic EV. We can install a new electric powertrain and control system into your vehicle, integrating it seamlessly with the existing drivetrain, suspension, and brakes. CSS fast charging options are also available to make recharging to 80% in 30 minutes a reality.

Relik Pagoda Mercedes interior electric vehicle
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